Anatomy and Physiology of Skin

Anatomy, Physiology Cosmetology.

Our objective in this course is to strengthen your understanding of the workings of the skin, where facial muscles and nerves interact, overall facial bone structure and how it all comes into focus in aesthetic enhancements and aesthetic medicine.

Anatomy and Physiology

From cell structure to developing into the layering structures we see it is a magnificent transformation before our very eyes! The pure magic of our skin is a journey which when taking our anatomy and physiology course, never ceases to amaze and excite.

Meet our trainer…

LORAINE DOHERTY has 50 years experience within the Beauty Industry as a beauty therapist whose experience spans skin treatments, alternative therapies including spiritual healing. The last 27 years Lorine has specialised in Laser and Light technology, Hair removal, Pigmentation, Photo rejuvenation, Acne and 8 years with Q switch lasers for Tattoo Removal, Pigmentation and Carbon Peels.

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